Review: Angles of Attack

Angles of Attack
Angles of Attack by Marko Kloos

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The third installment in a very readable military hard sci-fi (except the Alcubierre drive and the amazing acceleration rates that is) yarn. Having finished everything Marko Kloos has written, now I wait breathlessly for Chains of Command to see how he will work his way out of the trap everyone was put into 🙂

Our friends find their way back to good old Terra, which is by now all that is left of the nascent interstellar empire. And they are followed. Of course. The last few chapters seque nicely with Measures of Absolution, the second short story set up in the Lankies universe. You might want spent the small amount of money to read that story first, as it rounds out the story quite fine.

I can imagine a few reasons why the gambit from the end of the second book was not used in quite the same way again, but it would have been nice to read it in-universe from the point of view of the actors in the story.

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